Sibren Polders

Sibren Polders is a software developer with a high affinity for databases, operating systems and security.


Sibren Polders is currently working as a developer for Exuvis bvba (Cityfashion), a part of Mediahuis.
His daily tasks consist of sub-managing and developing database driven software projects and delivering inhouse support on projects he worked on. Sibren works tightly together with a team in Belgium and offshore developers. Sibren usually deals with the backend of the sofware projects while other team members work on the frontend.

In his free time Sibren likes to read up on the latest trends in databases, security and linux systems, he also enjoys fiddling around in the linux commandline and writing small software pieces to ease his live. When not behind a PC you can find Sibren running with his running buddies, biking (he especially loves going off-road), going out with his friends or spending time with his girlfriend.

Sibren has a relaxed personality and is not easily stressed, he likes to keep calm and think things through. You can best define him as level-headed. Sibren is a born leader and has the needed social skills to work in groups.